Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not a cosplay/anime/manga related post

RAWR~ Once SPM is over I shall design and code this blog's skin myself! Provided if I'm not too lazy to do that..

That's all.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Update, FINALLY!

I am finally updating my blog here after I dunno how many months. xD Actually I'm updating two blogs simultaneously. I'm waiting for the pictures to load in my LiveJournal while I type this. I've been thinking about my two blogs and I've finally reached a decision. For this blogspot, I'll use it as my cosplay journal and anything anime/manga related while I use my LiveJournal as my personal blog. It's a little saddening that most of my friends don't have a LiveJournal. D: It's really nice to use once you get the basics.

Back on topic. I did a private VK photoshoot back in June with my cousin as my photographer and I'm sad to say that I've only edited 5 picture out of a lot. Orz I've been really busy with lots of stuff (magazine, school, SPM) so I don't have much time on the computer anymore. Anyways I don't think I will have any time to edit the rest so I'll post a few teasers first and maybe once SPM is over I'll take the time to edit em!

Incase you can't recognize the character I'm cosing as, I'm cosplaying as Touya Rima from Vampire Knight. :S

I'll stop here for today, until next time!
Ja~ o/

P.s I learned a new emoticon from candytenshi recently. It's o/ apparently it's supposed to be a wave with the 'o' as the head and '/' as the hand. But for some reason I see o/ as a person holding a stick and is preparing to hit someone.. lolol

P.p.s Colorless is AWESOME! 8D

Thursday, June 24, 2010


 丸かいて 地球、丸かいて 地球、俺イギリス。。。
Maru kaite chikyuu, maru kaite chikyuu, ore Igirisu~

Gosh, I'm like seriously addicted to this song... Started Tegami Bachi today, and it's really not bad. Also, I found out that season 2 for Tegami Bachi will be premering this fall. YAY! Orz fall means that SPM is getting nearer, so that means that I can't watch it anyways. >. >

AND DURARARA SEASON 1 ENDS TODAY! TT_TT Come everyone lets cry over the end of this wonderful and fantastic anime!

I know I made a resolution to not abandon this blog, but I'm liek so tempted to switch to Live Journal instead. It has got better buttons functions. XD

Speaking of which, I found an awesome site called Colorless and I made quite a few new friends there. The best part is that they are all over teh WORLD! AWESOME~ And I started to spell 'colour' as 'color' instead now. =_= This shows that I'm on Colorless too much until I spelled it the American way.

Anyways, if whoever that is reading this blog wants my LJ acc, you can leave me a Cbox message or PM me~

I'm DEAD TIRED now. So I'm going to sleep.

Good night everyone! (If there is anyone here)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Burupya WIP

Here's some updates to my WIP Burupya plushie. xD I've finally done the head and now, I'm trying to figure out how to draw out the body to cut on the felt cloth and the scar and mouth of the plush. I mean just using  a marker to draw on it doesn't seem right to me. >. >

On with the piccies!
Before I cut the felt cloth, I cut the shape on the newspaper first.

After I cut out the felt cloth

Sew the two circles together. Wasn't neat so I cut them out and used pink thread instead.

The back of the cloth. It's not the eyes, I assure you.

Got the eyes from Art Friend. Cool shop!

The eyes and a ear. HAHAHA


So yes, currently stuck with the body. >.<||

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Burupya WIP plushie

Yesh, I've decided to do something useful and is planning to sew my Burupya plushie to use for my 07-ghost cosplay. I case you don't know what the blazes is burupya, you can actually see it on my blog banner. The kyuute <3 pink furry little creature is burupya. But unfortunetly, it IS still in the planning stage. Why? Because I seriously dunno how to draw on the felt cloth that I bought today in Art Friend. Luckily I bought 5 pieces.

Is using the plushie I got from my mum as my model to draw the right proportions.

My quite PHAIL sketch while following the pic from the fanbook

And yeah. Today was the Principal's daughter's wedding. And I just learnt that boys really can eat liek crazy. They still wanted to get a THIRD helping of the kenduri food. O.O WTF IS ZHISS SHITE!!11oneone

Went to Gardens after that and went for the CF Art Jam. Met many new people. xD And I randomly doodled on the sketchbook with my awesomecrappy art. LOL And I invented a new cycle too! Called the Terence Cycle. Sadly I do not have a picture of it as I gave it back to him after I doodled on his sketchbook. LOL Had lots of fun today. Hope I can go for the next one. *crosses fingers and hopes it will be at KLCC next time* xD

Yesh, orz back to brainstorming how to do my plushie before brainstorming and preparing for the add maths presentation. ORZ

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Oh finally, the week that I've been waiting for. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ISH FINALLY HERE! *throws confetti* Just came back from an add maths marathon. 9am-1pm on a SATURDAY. ZOMG mai brain cells!

I just felt like updating my blog a while since I did not write anything since the day I took my add maths exam in school. Just finished teacher's day in school. And I must say, WE PREFECTS RULE! Coz we planned this whole event without much help from teachers. Provided there were some problems with the Prefect's Performance (why oh why must it be the prefects??!) but overall, I think we did a good job. And it was out second event. The first was the Prefect's Noon last year. Seriously, I think we really get a lot of experience from the prefectorial board. Most of them, I think will benefit us when we're older. Like planning events, conducting meetings and so forth. I mean, most normal students don't get this opportunity.

I'll write moar about this when I have the time. For now, I wanna take a nap because I am so sleepy. Oh and most probably I'll start making my cosplay prop this holiday. KAZAMA CHIKAGE FTW! xDDD Ordered the wig from TcFang from CF~ Can't wait for it to arrive! xD

Tata. Shall go to bed now. Good night!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yesh I know it's 12am + already

Finally finish studying add maths. Wasn't really studying though, more like doing past year questions to see whether I remember how to do those questions or not. Hopefully add maths tomorrow will be easy, if not X.X

Oh and I have another character that I want to cosplay. It's from Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kidan. I forgot the character's name though, but he is the blond red-eyed Oni fella. Saw some Okita cosplay and damn that person was AWESOME! But most of the males from that series have exposed chest. HMPH. Means I can't cosplay them. TT_TT

Well, going to sleep now. I'M HUNGRY! Damn, I'll just go and drink milk before I sleep.


Monday, May 17, 2010


NGAHAHAHAHA... I SRSLY CAN'T STOP LAUGHING~ WHY? Coz I recieved my 07-Ghost CD, Melody of Michael and the Official Fanbook, both which I ordered online through Amazon Japan. This is my first and last time ordering from Amazon. Last because I don't think my mum let me order this using her credit card all the time. If, a very big if la I get a debit card, I'll order more online~

Hehe~ On with the piccies~
Before I tore the plastic. But customs opened my box thou.. >_>

Took off the plastic and began browsing the book

The inside of the case. It has 3 CD's in it~ :D

So yeah, I should really really thanks my mum for this. Thanks mum! But she went to sleep already and I should really really study Sejarah and finish up my add maths work. Damn. Back to studying...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bloody Monday 2

OMFG. Ep6 just can't end like that! And ep7 with subs ain't out yet! RAWR~ I'm telling out spoilers here...


J just can't die like that. I mean, he was the mastermind in Season 1 together with K of course. But STILL. DIE OF A HEART FAILURE?

Also. In ep7 we get to hear about Hornet's confession. LIKE FINALLY.

So in conclusion, I REALLY REALLY wanna watch ep7. But thanks to TimeLess Subs for subbing it. Without them I would really DIE. ORZ


Friday, May 14, 2010


Being sick SUCKS! Gotten sick on Tuesday night and was absent in school on Wednesday. Went to school on Thursday and found out that I still have fever in school so I didn't stay back for koko. AND OMFG I SLEPT AT 8PM! WTF. Surprisingly I didn't wake up during middle of the night except at 2.30 to eat my medicine and posted something on FB because I forgot to switch off my computer.

Yesterday we had maths ceramah and I was doodling on my handout. ORZ I noe I phail...

Here is the pic of my doodle...

 Yes orz, it kinda sucks.. becauseihavenotalentwhatsoeverindrawingbutwantstodrawanyways

The waist down looks quite funny and I was too lazy to draw the shoes properly as I am sitting at the last row and teacher is always hovering nearby. orz orz I always have problems drawing fingers and legs and feet. The only thing I can draw without it being a disaster is the face. Yesh, I know phail person is phail. And yeah, I drew this at the back of the worksheet. Beside the pic is a maths question. SRSLY.

See. I tell no lies. I'm such a bad girl. I should have listened to the ceramah instead. But I'm not the worst. There were people sleeping and I was half-listening. So that counts, right? xDD